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Barbaric Practices Abroad With More Humane Measures at Home.

ECO, a London restaurant chain has launched a new pizza which contains frog’s legs with a scoop of Anchovy sorbet. They’ve priced the lives of three to four frogs at £17.95 (cost of the “entrée” if you can call it that). Local animal rights campaigners have announced their disgust at such a food item. Activists explained, “The frogs’ legs are traditionally amputated while they are still alive.”

While such atrocious measures signal a defeat for animal rights abroad, at home we’ve recorded a baby step in the right direction. Disneyworld has gone forward with the discontinuation of foie gras in four of its park’s restaurants. Disney representatives claimed they were simply “making adjustments to the menu,” but regardless of motive activists consider the move a victory.

Updated: October 17, 2008 — 10:12 am
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