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Many ad networks have traffic requirements as part of their approval process. If you have a new site, or a site which does not yet receive much traffic, it can be hard to get accepted and start monetizing. We have been comparing ad networks here for over a year now, both on our own websites and by taking feedback from you guys.

So for some of the new websites out there, here are the best ad networks to try which have little or no approval requirements meaning you can start to monetize your site straight away. If you do have low traffic though then be aware that you are most likely not going to be earning much in the beginning. Also, you will need to try different ad networks until you find the right one which is right for your readers. If you can find a network which has advertisers that are relevant to the content on your site, you are much more likely to be getting the clicks and therefore a higher income each month.


Bidvertiser Review

Bidvertiser offer instant account approval and do not have any traffic requirements on sign up. Advertisers pay for your ad space and you also benefit from an extra bonus payment when your clicks convert.

They offer ways to monetize through different ad templates and sizes. You can also install a Bidvertiser toolbar which is an easy way to make some extra cash from your site. The minimum payout for Bidvertiser is $10.



chitika reviewChitika have no traffic requirements at all and have an easy approval process. You only need to submit one website to be approved into the network. Once approved, then you can start showing their ads on all your websites provided that all the sites meet their criteria. Their criteria states no adult content, gaming, hacking, sale of weapons and prescription drugs or excessive profanity to be used on your sites.

Chitika have a minimum payout rate of $10 by PayPal.



infolinks review

Infolinks have no traffic requirements for publishers, but your site must not contain any adult content or anything illegal. They have fast approval times of less than 3 days for most sites. They only support websites in English or Spanish at the moment.

They offer four ad type varieties. Publishers have a lot of influence in the look of the ads as you choose how many ads will display on a page and the color of the links. Infolinks have a minimum payout rate of $50.



viglink review

VigLink do not have any traffic requirements for publishers and origin of traffic isn’t important either. They allow adult, gambling and gaming sites and currently have merchants for these categories.

VigLink have over 30,000 merchants in their network. VigLink are very similar to Skimlinks, they allow you to have product links on your sites that don’t appear to be affiliate links, therefore not changing the user experience. VigLink can be used within websites, social media and in apps. VigLink have no minimum payout threshold.



Some networks have low traffic requirements but they do require your traffic to come from specific geographical locations. Usually the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Here are some more ad networks that you could consider if you meet this criteria.


Skimlinks review

Skimlinks have no traffic requirements but you need to have a significant amount of your traffic coming from the US, UK and Australia. Skimlinks allow you to have affiliate links on your website that look like normal links. Approval into the network allows you to affiliate with over 18,000 merchants.

There is a very low minimum payout rate for the whole network which is $10, £7 or 8€. This is a huge bonus as it can take a long time to meet minimum payment thresholds for each merchant on their own.



ShareASale Logo imageShareASale have no traffic requirements but they don’t allow publishers from all countries to sign up. They have close to 4,000 merchants in their network. Some merchants allow auto approval and you can start making money straight away.

They have a really easy to use reporting system which allows you to search for merchants that are currently offering deals. Some merchants offer commission rates as high as 35%. ShareASale have a minimum payment threshold of $50 and if you live outside of the US they pay via direct deposit into your bank account.


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