Cute Terrier Needs A Home ASAP

Basuca, A0398413, is an adorable terrier with movie star looks. This sweetheart was adopted from the shelter some YEARS ago — note her early impound number. And although she is probably about 7 years old, she still has all the energy of a puppy! Basuca can be the friendliest dog with her wagging tail, ready to greet everyone. We had her at one of our mobile adoptions and although admired by many, she did not find a new home. Two women were in the shelter this past Saturday and asked to me to take her out of the kennel. Basuca was so excited and gave them many kisses, hoping that they might free her — but again, no luck.

This girl is a real character with her wire-haired coat and her gleaming eyes. She has been kenneled with many, many other dogs — as the shelter is so over-crowded. However, recently, she has been
experiencing some kennel stress and gotten a bit too anxious, cooped up in such a small space with so many others. Basuca is a girl with such a happy temperament and deserves a chance at a new life.

This message is URGENT as she may have only 24 hours. If you can help save this fun-loving girl, please call the shelter immediately at (213) 485-0117 or -0119 and speak with an ACT or Supervisor. And if you have any questions, please contact me at once. (323-363-4909).

Author: Ashif

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