Easy Ways to Make the tar.gz file in Windows

In the world / linux community tar.gz files ending familiar to them. Tar.gz  file is a compressed file or archive files when in Windows like Zip or Rar files / Winrar.

Basically the file with the extension. Tar.gz consists of two different types of files created with different algorithms. The first file is. Tar or tarball file, the file is actually its just archiving it, but not compressed. Hereinafter file is. Gz or GZip files, files with this extension not only nature but also compress archiving. In comparison to most of the compressed file, file. Tar.gz is smaller due to compress the results using two types of file.

Well what about Windows, so in Windows you can make compress files into. Tar.gz. Here’s How to Easily create tar.gz file in Windows:

  • First download the tool and install 7-Zip thereafter.33
  • We assume you have successfully installed the tool 7-Zip, then the next process is that we will do tar.gz file creation
  • As a test, a folder in the red box which we will compress.
  • Please right click on the folder, select 7-Zip, add to Archive.
  • Next on select Archive format. Tar
  • See format. Tar is finished, and now we make the file. Tar.gz please right-click the file. Compress tar yield, and select 7-Zip, add to Archive.
  • Then on option select Archive format. Gzip then OK.
  • And look at the file. Tar.gz successfully created.
  • Good luck.

Author: Ashif

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