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ESET OFFLINE UPDATE 1080 [29.11.2014]

ESET-update-offline1Anti-virus databases in zip-archive for offline update ESET products on a computer without the Internet.

Designed for the following programs:

■ Kaspersky Anti ESET NOD32 3.x – 4.x
■ ESET NOD32 Smart Security 3.x – 4.x

Installing Updates Anti-ESET NOD32 / ESET Smart Security

• Download and unpack the archive with the updates (for example, the folder C: offline_update_eav)

• Open the main program window NOD32 Antivirus

• Press the «F5» and go to the “Update”

• In the line “Update Server” click “Change”

• In the line “update servers” navigate to the folder with the update (in this case C: offline_update_eav), then click “Add” and “OK”

• In the main window, select the antivirus “Update” and click “Refresh version of virus signature database”

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