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FDA Proposes Approval Process for Genetically Modified Animals

The Los Angeles Times recently published an article regarding an FDA proposal to create and potentially market animals that were developed in a laboratory. Based upon the article the FDA is targeting salmon, cows, pigs and fish as potential candidates for a Petri dish birth. Through this form of engineering animals are intended to fulfill three potential objectives: food, drugs, and organs suitable for human transplant.  William Flynn of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine suggests that “There are very compelling and real benefits for humans and animals […] but we must show that they are safe before they enter the marketplace.”

How can growing animals in labs be beneficial to animals?  Flynn does not offer a more in depth explanation. Flynn’s discussion of safety in his quote is not directed towards animals but intended solely as a cautionary suggestion for human health.

Does the FDA truly believe the public will agree with this man’s opinion simply due to his profession as veterinarian? The article does not quote any representatives from animal rights organizations and for good reason… they would be appalled. The article reads much like one could expect of an atrocious steakhouse menu. It discusses animals openly as items for human consumption and clearly side steps the issue of animal rights.

The full article can be found here.

Updated: October 2, 2008 — 7:06 am
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