Forbidden SEO Tricks

The fight to world in the search engine results knows no limits, both ethically and technically. There are numerous reports of sites banned by Google and other search engines temporarily or permanently, because of malpractice and use ‘black hat’ SEO optimization techniques. The reaction of the search engine is easy to understand, with so much deception and plagiarism are placed by SEO experts in their arsenal, the results displayed by the search engines will not at all related to the content of the web site. And it is dangerous because of the risk on the website is banned by Google. And even if search engines did not detect this fraud, usually your competitor will report it.
  • Keyword Density or Keyword Stuffing
Sometimes SEO experts Doing things outside ethical boundaries in order to boost their clients’ sites to top positions using unethical practices, such as Keyword Stuffing. Enter keywords regarded as unethical because basically what you do is write down key words as much as possible, which is not related to the website itself to trick users into search engines, these activities often makes users SE (Search Engine) the wrong way.
  •  Doorway Pages and Hidden Text
Another key common doorway pages. Before Google introduced the Page Rank algorithm, the doors were a common practice, and at that time he was regarded as an illegal way for website optimization. An entrance page is a page created specifically for search engines not humans, use to get high positions in search engines and trick users to visit the website.
Although keywords are still the recommended way, but relying solely on keywords to determine the position of a site, is wrong. Doors page then not the best way to get traffic to a site, but if you use it, do not blame Google punished you.
There is a different technique that is almost identical to the text pages hidden door, which is not visible to humans, but is inserted into an HTML page source, to trick the search engines that the page is keyword-rich. Actually, the doors and hidden text can not (difficult) If this does qualify as site optimization, but they are more appropriate in qualify as a technique to manipulate and trick the user Search Engine, with legal consequences in your site by Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Duplicate Content
The content of the website is the most important thing in SEO, but not duplicate content. In terms of Google, duplicate content means the same text was posted on the same site differently. If you do copy-paste a paragraph on one page-kehalaman else on your site, then do not might expect to see if your site’s rank dropped. But many believe that the perpetrators of SEO techniques combine content is not duplicated text and there are many examples of this.
  • Link Spam
Link Spam is another major problem in SEO tools, SEO tools like the others, it can be used or misused. While backlinks are important (for Yahoo backlinks are important as quantity, while Google’s more important what sites backlinks come from), has tons of backlinks from a link farm or from a site that has been blacklisted begging to be punished by Google.

Author: Ashif

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