BigStash is offering 5 Terabytes for free (limited time offer) for one yeah, is a huge amount of space, but they are in beta testing so it’s worth grabbing this free space, for multiple things. People will think i’m crazy if i’m saying that they are giving out 5 Terabytes for free, but is the true! They have cheap plans, and it’s explained on their blog that they pay what their users use!

If you want to get your free 5 terabytes of storage from Bigstash just follow this link.

What can you do with 5 TB of Storage?

  • You could insert all your important data from your computer: music, pictures, videos and much more.
  • Insert backups, if you need to format your pc, you can save all your data and then after you have formatted your pc store in back your save data.
  • If you are travelling, upload your needs.
  • Upload backups from your website, blog, or anything else.

To start using Bigstash just register to their service or you can also use DropBox to login.

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