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Get Approved Adsence Account in 1 Hour 100% Genuine Trick

  1. First Create a Gmail account only and sign in.
  2. Then go to and it is automatically sign in through your Gmail account.
  3. Then go to YouTube settings and click on enable on Monetisation setting. by going in to channel settings and then click on Enable Monetisation
  4. then it goes to new page which shows in blue “Enable Monetisation ” and a pop option will show then tick mark on all box then next and click on “got it”
  5. Then again, go to YouTube setting and then view Monetisation setting.
  6. Then see a last 2 question “how I will paid”
  7. Then click on that question and click on “associate an adsense account”
  8. Then opening a next page and click on next or change and then it redirect to log in page, and select “yes to proceed Google sign in “or you can select different Google sign in. then it goes to adsense form and fill up all form.(Please put correct post code, and your house no on 1st address if u have not house no then put fake the you will change after approve)
  9. Then submit application and wait 1 hr and see, your adsense account is approved.
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