List of PHP and MySQL Code Generators

It’s both a dream and nightmare (if you make a living writing code) to have a tool that can turn a database into a fully functional application with little or no manual coding. Depending on your dream some of these tools may be just what you are are looking for, but none are likely to put traditional programmers out of business.

Some of these tools can rapidly build a fully functional application, but there’s more to most useful applications than simply displaying a list of fields for users to fill out and viewing the results from an admin only accessible area.

Most applications will need tweaks that can be small to large depending on the requirements. Keep that in mind when looking at these products as the amount of effort required to tweak the code produced by these tools may take more time than using a framework or library such as codeigniter, cakephp or the zend framework.

For in house applications some of these tools could be a good fit, but for applications to be used in the wild they will most likely need some tweaking.

These tools can also be used as learning/reference tool.

Product Name Demo Platform Cost
APEEL Online | Download Web $149
AppGini Online | Download Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Solaris $59
CodeCharge Studio Online | Download Windows $139+
PHP-MySQL Wizard Online | Download Windows $48
PHPMaker 7 Online | Download Windows 98+ $159
phpMyEdit Online | Download Web $140+
PHP Object Generator Online | Download Web Free
PHPRunner Online | Download Windows $399
ScriptArtist Online | Download Windows XP+ $79
ScriptCase Online | Download Web $499+
SQLMaestro Online | Download Windows Free/$69+
UML2PHP Online | Download Web Free/16€/Month
VisualWade Online | Download Windows Free
WebDev Online | Download Windows $2,286
Xataface Online | Download Web Free


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