Low Income Families Get Some Spay/Neuter Love

Part of the issue with the Spay/Neuter Law is it’s enforcement citywide, including the “meanest neighborhoods,” as someone put it. Although I doubt the city is going to crack down hard on this law, it’s nice to see that they are giving options to lower income families. Discount and free spay/neuter vouchers are available to any family making less than $40,000, senior citizens, or permanently disabled persons. I’ve already heard backlash that the city needs to concentrate on “bigger issues” than pets, but the typical cost for this procedure is around $80 to $120. If that same pet is unfortunate enough to have an irresponsible owner that choses not to get them fixed, they could shoot out a litter of puppies or kitties and the cost of the intake, boarding, feeding and eventual euthanasia will far eclipse the initial voucher fee. Multiply that by multiple litters and you’ve got a serious drain on funds. Once again, I see this law pretty much paying for itself in the long run. I’ve included the spay/neuter voucher information after the jump. So if you’re unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on who you talk to) to live in one of the “meanest neighborhoods,” let your neighbors know.

All families and individuals who qualify for the free service certificates can not exceed an annual income of $40,000 per year. Senior citizens and permanently disabled persons also qualify for the free service certificates valued at $70.00 each. They can be redeemed at participating veterinary hospitals listed on the Department of Animal Services’ website.

All families qualify for discounted coupons that have a value each of $30.00 off the surgery. The coupon can be redeemed at participating vets.

Spay/neuter discount coupons & free certificates are distributed at all of the city’s animal care centers and at a number of partner organizations. Go to www.laanimalservices.com or call 1-888-452-7381. Individuals who receive the coupons will also get a list of participating veterinary hospitals. Pet owners then call the vet of their choice and set up an appointment.

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