Prop 2: The Myth of Happy Meat

Last week I was greeted with this short little video in my e-mail. In an animated 2 minute clip HSUS was able to sum up everything to hate about Prop 2.

The biggest issue I have with Prop 2 is that it promotes the concept of “Happy Meat.” HSUS is really pushing the idea that these animals are only one measure and opposable thumbs away from starting their own band. The first piece of information you are given on the the Yes on Prop 2 website under “Facts” is Prop 2 “stops cruel and inhumane treatment of animals.” Statements like that give the false impression that if this measure passes, the standards of factory farming will be changed so dramatically that it is now OK to eat dairy/meat. “You’ve done your part, now go out and reward yourself with a basket of New Original Recipe KFC Chicken Strips!”

What it really means is that animals are going from this:

To this:

I don’t know about you, but I still don’t see too many smiling faces in the cage free picture above. Oh, I forgot, they will still be debeaked, so they can’t smile. Woops!

There is one reason why I am voting Yes on Prop 2. The only benefit I can see is that it will add an additional financial burden on these factory farms. You certainly can’t count on Americans to change their behavior out of compassion, but you can count on them changing their behavior out of greed. Increasing the cost of production will in turn increase the cost at the grocery store. If there’s one thing Americans like, it’s their cruelty served to them as cheap as possible. So despite taking issue with virtually everything this bill stands for, I will still be voting Yes on California’s Prop 2 measure this November.

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