Radha Raman Dutt: Amare Ashibar kotha koiya

Baul Radha Romon Datta

Baul Radha Romon DattaRadha Raman Dutta (Bengali: রাধারমণ দত্ত) (1833–1915), also spelt as Radharaman Dutta, was an influential Sylheti dhamail music composer and lyricistfrom Sylhet region of Bengal Province of British India, now in Jagannathpur Upazila, Sunamganj District of Bangladesh. A prominent Baul (mystic minstrel), Raman’s body of work has led him to be considered “the father of dhamal songs”; his music is widely performed by modern Bengali musicians.

Radha is one of his greatest hit performed by Kazi Shuvo.

Famous Songs by Radha Romon

• Bhromor Koio Giya
• Kare Dhekabo Moner Dhukko
• Sham Chikon Kalia
• Bologo Bologo Shoki
• Moneh nai Moneh nai
• Jole Jaio na Gho Rai
• Oh Bashi re
• Sham Na Ki Cholila
• Jole Gia Chilam Shoi
• Ami Robo na Robo na Grihe

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