Snip, Snip: Spay and Neuter in LA

After a six month grace period, the new Spay and Neuter Law goes into effect in the city of Los Angeles today. It requires most dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered by the time they are 4 months old. First-time offenders will receive information on subsidized sterilization services and be given an additional 60 days to sterilize their pets. If they still fail to comply after 60 days, they could be fined $100 and ordered to serve eight hours of community service. A subsequent offense could result in a maximum fine of $500 fine or 40 hours of community service. Though if it gets to that point, I think it should be mandatory sterilization for both pet and owner.

The biggest obstacle that I’ve heard about the new law is that it’s going to be difficult to enforce. Los Angeles Animal Services head honcho Ed Boks estimates that it will cost over $400,000 to implement the ordinance and on an already tight budget, LAAS is going to rely on “voluntary compliance” instead of actively go after violators. Coming from the same city that proposed adding more street cleaning as a revenue stream so they can catch more parking violators, they should use the same thinking with this new law. Just hire a few extra ATC officers, send them out there with a quota, and make sure they bring in double their salary in fines. Problem solved. Take that Villaraigosa.

On a related note, the owner of Neuticals just started shopping for a new Porsche.

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