Vegetarian Festival in Thailand

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The Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, Thailand started on Sept 28th and goes until Oct 7th this year, perhaps following the lunar calendar. I don’t know much about it and I’d rather make up stuff than researching about it to tell you, well, it’s really easy for you to read about here, so… I’d rather write something else that that you can’t search for. I think it comes from the Chinese Buddhist tradition, because of the name and I see Chinese flags that say “vegetarian” everywhere. It’s kind of different from vegetarian or vegan, the “vegetarian” or “jay” foods during this festival are free of meat, fish, eggs, dairy, garlic but may have oyster or oyster sauce. It has to do with making a merit by sparing the lives of animal and practice Buddhism.

A lot of regular restaurants now make vegetarian dishes that taste like the real things, although I still prefer the real veg restaurant because I prefer veggies to fake meat. Anyhow, you’ll think you’re in the most veg-friendly place on earth if you happen to visit Thailand during this time of year. Maybe it’s too late for this year, so plan for next year!

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